For further details and an update on the availability of allotment spaces prospective tenants are asked to contact the secretary of the Association,
Dawn Bowman, on 07587 049090 or by email


Albrighton Parish Council owns land at the end of Loak Road close to the junction with Worthington Drive which is used for allotments.

The allotments, approximately 40 in number, are managed by an independent body, the Albrighton Allotments Association, who are responsible for letting the allotments and for the general upkeep and management of the facility.

The association has an AGM in March each year when officers are elected and accounts are filed.

Each allotment holder pays an annual rent to the association which pays an annual sum to the Parish Council for the use of its land.

A full or half size allotment can be rented and senior citizens are given a discount.