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Albrighton Parish
Albrighton Parish
Albrighton Parish
Albrighton Parish
Albrighton Parish
Albrighton Parish
Albrighton Parish
Albrighton Parish

Welcome to the website of the
Albrighton Parish Council

On our website you will find interesting information about Albrighton Parish Council and the Village of Albrighton.

We hope you will use it regularly to keep up to date with what your Councillors are doing,
what's going on, local news and useful information for all the people of Albrighton.

Our aim is that the website will help local people get involved and perhaps come along to Council meetings to ask questions
and express their views about matters under discussion.

The Full Parish Council meets on the first Wednesday of each month with the exception of August,
committee's meet as necessary. Further information can be found further down this page.

If you have an event to advertise we can include it in "Albrighton News".
Please post the details or bring it into the office in Station Road and it will be considered for inclusion. Alternatively you can email us using the Contact Form.

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Parish Councillors

The Freedom of Information Act requires Councils to publish the contact information of all members of the Council (councillors) together with the Declarations of Interest. The Declaration will open in a new window. Councils must also make known where members have specific responsibilities within the council or represent the council on outside bodies.


Cllr. David Beechey

34 Station Road Albrighton WV7 3QG

01902 372779

Declaration Of Interests


Cllr. Peter Collins

Arcadia, Shaw Lane, Albrighton WV7 3DS

07811 266143

Declaration Of Interests


Cllr. Bob Hickson

West Acres, Cross Road, Albrighton WV7 3QT

01902 373181

Declaration Of Interests


Cllr. Peter Illes

13 Mayfield Road Albrighton WV7 3JF

01902 441748

Declaration Of Interests


Cllr. Tom Maguire

7 St Mary's Close Albrighton WV7 3EG

01902 901440

Declaration Of Interests


Cllr. Mandy Medlyn

30 Church Road Albrighton WV7 3LJ

07817 417314

Declaration Of Interests


Cllr. Malcolm G. Pate

Peel Cottage Holyhead Road Albrighton WV7 3BT

01902 373217

Declaration Of Interests


Cllr. Mike Pitchford

The Yews, 56 Station Road, Albrighton WV7 3DL

01902 597701

Declaration Of Interests


Cllr. James Pledger

26 Lyncroft, Albrighton WV7 3QJ

01902 653821

Declaration Of Interests


Cllr. Sylvia Pledger

1 Newhouse Lane Albrighton WV7 3QS

01902 374531

Declaration Of Interests


Cllr. Roger Rudman

32 Church Road, Albrighton WV7 3LJ

01902 372992

Declaration Of Interests


Cllr. Rod Smith (Chairman)

Elwood House, Cross Road, Albrighton WV7 3RA

01902 372765

Declaration Of Interests


Cllr. Alex Straney

37 Church Road, Albrighton WV7 3LH

01902 374288

Declaration Of Interests


Peter Woodman (Vice Chair)

31/32 High Street, Albrighton WV7 3JF

01902 372225

Declaration Of Interests



Shropshire Council Member For Albrighton


Cllr. Malcolm G. Pate

Peel Cottage Holyhead Road Albrighton WV7 3BT

01902 373217



Member of Parliament


Mark Pritchard

House of Commons, London. SW1A 0AA

0207 219 8494


Meetings, Agenda and Minutes

All documents open in a new window
Please view individual agendas for details of meeting start time.

Meetings 2020

Date Meeting Agenda Minutes
8th Jan Council Read Read
5th Feb Council Read Read
4th Mar Council Read Read
1st April Council Cancelled
29th April Annual Parish Meeting Cancelled
13th May Council Read Read
3rd June Council Read Read
1st July Council Read Read
2nd Sept Council Read  
7th Oct Council    
4th Nov Council    
2nd Dec Council  


All documents open an external website in a new window.

Planning 2020

App Location Description
20/03508/FUL Land To The East Of Garridge Close Albrighton Erection of 18No. residential dwellings and associated parking/garaging with new adopted road following demolition of existing bungalow, garage and pool house
20/03256/FUL Fresh Fields 1 Old Worcester Road Albrighton Conversion of garage roof void to bedroom and ensuite
20/03517/FUL 3 Lyncroft Albrighton Erection of single storey rear and two storey side extension.
20/03538/HHE 5 Old Hall Close Albrighton Reduction of existing rear single storey flat roofed extension and increasing to the full width of existing property dimensions 6.0 meters beyond the rear wall, 3.65 meters maximum height, 2.90 meters high to eaves.
20/03227/FUL Development Land East To The Of Shaw Lane Off Kingswood Road Albrighton Erection of 3 dwellings associated with planning permission BR/APP/OUT/08/0907 - Phase 1 Plots 57, 58 and 59.
20/03236/AMP Proposed Biomass Boiler And Infrastructure To The South Of Kingswood Road Albrighton Shropshire Non Material Amendment to move the biomass boiler to the west but within the red line as approved under application 17/02537/FUL.
20/03207/FUL Tsb Bank High Street Albrighton Installation of 2 no. CCTV dome cameras to front elevation
20/03179/FUL 18 High Street Albrighton Erection of first floor link corridor extension to rear and addition of dormer windows to front and rear
20/03141/AMP Development Land East To The Of Shaw Lane Off Kingswood Road Albrighton Non-material amendment to planning application number BR/APP/OUT/08/0907
20/03135/FUL Proposed Dwelling To The South Of 1 The Limes Albrighton Erection of bungalow with attached garage following demolition of double garage
20/01445/FUL 87 High Street Albrighton Application under Section 73A of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990 for conversion of an existing A3 Building into a single A1 use Unit including the demolition of a section of building already permitted under 18/05485/FUL and alterations to the existing shop front (retrospective)
20/02983/FUL 41 Grange Park Albrighton Erection of a two storey extension and bay window to front, and a pitched roof canopy to front of existing garage
20/00538/FUL Wheelcote Cosford Albrighton Application under Section 73A of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990 for the installation of dormer windows to rear roofline in connection with loft conversion
20/02719/TCA 82 High Street Albrighton Fell two groups of Laurels (G1 & G2), 2no Holly (T1&T6), a dead tree (T2), 1no Conifer (T3), 1no Variegated Holly (T4) & 1no Sycamore (T5) within Albrighton Conservation Area
20/02712/TCA The Red House 84 High Street Albrighton Fell 3no Yews protected by the Albrighton Conservation Area
20/02469/DIS 87 High Street Albrighton Discharge of conditions 3 (external materials) and 5 (drainage) on planning permission 18/05485/FUL for erection of 3No studio apartments together with 3No parking spaces following demolition of a section of an existing A3 building
20/02405/HHE 17 Lyncroft Albrighton Single Storey rear extension to a detached dwelling dimensions 5.3 metres beyond the rear wall, 3.5 metres maximum height and 3 metres high to eaves
20/02301/FUL Meere Barn Newhouse Lane Albrighton Erection of single storey rear porch extension
20/02206/TPO 12 Bushfield Road Albrighton To carry out an overall reduction to the canopy by 15-20%, with a 5% thin 3no Silver Birch trees (T1, T2 and T3) protected by Shropshire Council (Land to the North of the High Street, Albrighton) TPO 2010
20/02144/TPO 2 Warwick Park Shaw Lane Albrighton Crown lift by approx. 2m and crown reduction of 30% of 1no Beech & removal of dead branches at lower level and crown reduction of 15% of 1no Pine protected by the Shropshire Council (Land off Shaw Lane and Kingswood Road, Albrighton) TPO 2010 (Ref: SC/00018/10)
20/01772/LBC 73 High Street Albrighton Internal works to facilitate the formation of doorway to first floor landing
20/01678/FUL 21 Meeson Close Albrighton Erection of single storey side extension
20/01772/LBC 73 High Street Albrighton Internal works to facilitate the formation of doorway to first floor landing
20/01348/FUL 2 Lyncroft Albrighton Alterations in connection with change of use from Office (B1) to Residential (C3) to include the erection of a first floor extension
20/01167/FUL The Laurels Shaw Lane Albrighton Erection of two storey side extension and single storey front and rear extensions
20/00925/FUL Albrighton Railway Station Station Road Albrighton Application under Section 73A of The Town & Country Planning Act 1995 for the installation of 2No 4m high poles mounting 3 CCTV cameras on each post
20/00687/FUL Proposed Police Training Facility Old Worcester Road Albrighton Temporary siting (5 years) of two rows of five containers (63m length) with adjoining canopy to enable training facility
20/00807/FUL 15 Bredon Close Albrighton Erection of single storey side extension and formation of pitched roof over existing extension
20/00746/VAR 59 High Street Albrighton Removal of condition no.6 (incidental to main house) attached planning permission reference 13/00727/FUL to allow for the annex to be used as a separate unit
20/00695/DIS Cosford Grange Cosford Albrighton Discharge of condition 5 (arboricultural method statement) on planning permission 18/05549/FUL for extension to existing outbuilding to provide additional garaging for three cars and a trailer, a garden equipment store and log store
20/00282/FUL Plant About Bridge Nursery Codsall Wood Erection of a 30m high three faced lattice radio antenna and associated equipment box
20/00476/TCA Trees Around War Memorial Newport Road Albrighton Fell 1no Hawthorn (T1), remove two lowest limbs of 1no Beech (T2), 20% overall reduction of 1no Horse Chestnut (T3) & 25% overall reduction of 1no Sycamore tree (T4) within Donington and Albrighton Conservation Area
20/00463/FUL 21 Elm Road Albrighton Erection of a two storey side extension, single storey rear extension and porch to front
20/00461/FUL 6 Grange Road Albrighton Erection of a single storey rear extension
20/00121/DIS Land To The South Of Albrighton Bypass Albrighton Discharge of condition 6 (landscaping) on planning permission 19/03156/FUL for use of land for the stationing of caravan for residential purposes for 1No. gypsy pitch
20/00099/FUL Land Behind Greensleeves High Street Albrighton Erection of 1 bungalow and creation of new access
20/00121/DIS Land To The South Of Albrighton Bypass Albrighton Discharge of condition 6 (landscaping) on planning permission 19/03156/FUL for use of land for the stationing of caravan for residential purposes for 1No. gypsy pitch
19/05592/TPO 24 Delaware Avenue Albrighton Reduce canopy volume by 25% of 1no Beech protected by the Shropshire Council (Land at and to the West of Church Lane, Albrighton) TPO 2010 (Ref: SC/00020/10)



Albrighton Flyer

This eleven-seater air-conditioned minibus has wheelchair access and is available to residents from Albrighton and Donington Parishes.

Priority is given to elderly and disabled passengers within the Albrighton area; just ring the driver on 07543 869754.

It operates between 8.00 am and 4.00 pm Tuesday to Fridays for any destination, with return journeys costing between £4.00 and £30.00 depending on distance within the local area.

Reduced fares are available to passengers with a bus pass with Shropshire Council.

Hospital journeys (New Cross, The Princess Royal, or Bridgnorth) cost £24.00 return to include passenger's escort.

To book the Flyer or a seat on it, please telephone: 07543 869754



Albrighton Parish Council owns land at the end of Loak Road close to the junction with Worthington Drive which is used for allotments.

The allotments, approximately 40 in number, are managed by an independent body, the Albrighton Allotments Association, who are responsible for letting the allotments and for the general upkeep and management of the facility.

The association has an AGM in March each year when officers are elected and accounts are filed.

Each allotment holder pays an annual rent to the association which pays an annual sum to the Parish Council for the use of its land.

A full or half size allotment can be rented and senior citizens are given a discount.

For further details and an update on the availability of allotment spaces prospective tenants are asked to contact the secretary of the Association:

Dawn Bowman, on 07587 049090 or by email



The library became the responsibility of Albrighton Parish Council from 1st April 2016.

The library is located on Station Road, Albrighton and also accommodates the Parish Council Offices.

The library telephone number is 01902 372226.

The library also contains a Customer Service Point for Shropshire County Council which is available during library opening hours only. A list of services available from Customer Service Point can be found at the bottom of this page.

Opening Times

Day Serviced Self Service
Monday 10am to 5pm 1pm to 5pm
Tuesday 10am to 5pm  
Wednesday Closed  
Thursday 10am to 5pm  
Friday 10am to 5pm 1pm to 5pm
Saturday 10am to 1pm  
Sunday Closed  


Level entry access, Disabled parking, Disabled toilet and Hearing Loop

Lockable bicycle parking, Computer use, Fax sending, Local history material, Photocopying, Printing and Meeting rooms which are available when the library is closed.


Shropshire County Council Customer Service Point

The service point provides a freephone service where you can transact the following:
Access to council services and direct lines to housing benefit, council tax enquiries, Shropshire Homepoint, Just Credit Union and Citizens Advice Bureau
Online services using our public access computer
Blue badge applications
Apply for / renew concessionary travel passes
Book registrar appointments
Report missed waste collections
Report highways issue and faults

Alternatively you can email: or telephone: 0345 678 9000



Swimming Pool

Albrighton Primary School, Newhouse Lane, Albrighton. WV7 3QS

£29.50 (free for under 5s)
Guests £3.50 per swimmer.

Pool Parties:
£60 for 2 hours (maximum of 30 swimmers)

Please visit our Facebook page for the latest information or email:
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Parish Clerk:
Shirley Reynolds BA (Hons) FSLCC
Rod Smith


address:Albrighton Parish Council
Station Road

phone: 01902 375455
07583 864956

Office Hours: Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays - 10am to 2pm

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